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Parquet Courts - Homo Sapien
Nov 08, 2021
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Why do we like this?

“Homo Sapien '' is straight-up dirty, grungy, raw-edged old-school post-punk, brought to you courtesy of the boys at Parquet Courts. Lyrically, the track is a fast-paced, humor-filled, sarcastic rant on human evolution, and very much carries a sense of screaming into the void while the void just stares back at you, deadpan, perhaps with one eyebrow raised nonchalantly.

In line with most of the punk movement, this banger is gritty and confident and takes no prisoners. It’s a nihilistic take on modern-day technological luxuries and the ways in which we use them to suppress our more primal and violent urges. Parquet Courts don’t care about your smart fridge, or, or your deep-seated need to find validation through likes on posed pictures, or your search for meaning and on a handheld screen. No, they want to remind you that despite all appearances, humanity hasn’t really come very far at all and is still at its core, pretty bloody rotten.

The sensual touch of glass

So smooth on the fingertips

The erotic quality of

Not feeling meaningless

Reflecting a lovely gaze

Commanding and amorous

A matte-finished wishing well

Seductive and glamorous

This is the latest single from the forthcoming LP, Sympathy for Life, out October 22n via Rough Trade Records.

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