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Paul Conrad - Thanks For Nothing
Aug 20, 2013
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Brooding, introspective musicians are nothing new, but they keep coming up with such incredible music. Not being a creative type myself, I don't understand that process of putting together a piece of music which really represents your emotional state, but it seems like the writing process flows a whole lot smoother when you're sad about something.

Sydney singer/songwriter Paul Conrad does his best to explain things: "Perhaps I'm just a sad, woeful, disgusting person, so the sickening emotion that drives me to write is eternal and ever present. That and scotch." I guess that covers it then.

Whatever's going on inside that head of his, Conrad has used it to good effect on his debut single "Thanks For Nothing." A smoldering, slow-burner of a track, he creates such strong feelings with his words and musical arrangement, you'll be hard-pressed to stop from being dragged along on this emotional journey. His voice is such a potent tool, and it's paired perfectly with some rather stunning, ghostly guitar layering which aid the foreboding nature of the track.

"Thanks For Nothing" draws recollections of the likes of Jeff Buckley or Grizzly Bear (particularly the music of Daniel Rossen) - musicians who write music which will make you feel. If you like this and want more, you'll just have to be patient for a little while, as this single is the first offering from an EP scheduled for release later this year.
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