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Peder - Love Lost City (Ft. Oh Land)
Nov 10, 2010
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Danish producer Peder has been around the block a time or two, drifting from careers as a radio host, actor, photography, film composer, DJ, producer, and songwriter. If that wasn't enough, he has won a Grammy for his 1999 comedy album, an Emmy for a Danish TV series, and recently released his second solo album, Dirt & Gold, through Danish label Fake Diamond Records.

Dirt & Gold is a 13-track summary about how Peder hears music, and seems to incorporate a lot of his various career interests. Following his first album released via Ubiquity in 2007, Dirt & Gold experiments with different styles and tempos, and Peder does a great job balancing them.

You can see the old-time influence of his time in the film industry throughout Dirt & Gold: french sounding music, cinematic soundscapes, and old-fashioned female vocals that pair wonderfully with the album's electronic and experimental twist. "Hello Mr. Movie Director My Name Is Peder and This Is My Friend Asger Baden" is a great example of this cinematic influence on the album.

Although Dirt & Gold lays it all out on the table using assorted rhythms, musicians, and singers, Peder really encapsulates the soul and heart of every song throughout the album, ultimately creating a well-balanced take on experiment and emotion. Dirt & Gold is very soulful and melancholic, almost in an eerie way. Either way, you can tell that he put a lot of expression and thoughtfulness into the productions.
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