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Pepper Rabbit - Allison
Aug 08, 2011
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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to enter the world of Pepper Rabbit with their new album Red Velvet Snow Ball, set to drop on August 9. This duo creates dreamy-pop that'll sneakily get stuck in your head without you even realizing (that's the best kind).

Hailing from L.A., Luc Laurent and Xander Singh

have combined forces to create a lovable, catchy album that has the potential to captivate a far-reaching market. They're well on their way to acquiring a successful following since already touring with Passion Pit, Ra Ra Riot, Givers, and Freelance Whales. Quite the list, huh?

Their sound encapsulates a classic pop twinge with many mix-and-match effects such as defined stop-and-go drums, spaced-out synth, some punchy piano or keyboard, guitars aplenty, trumpet, xylophone, banjo, and clarinet... and I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a few instruments in that hodge pogde.

Let's not forget about the harmonies. They're soothing, chilled out, and give a great toned down balance to the sometimes heavily complexed instrumentals. This band can pull off something simplified or something elaborate and that alone can keep the listener intrigued. They're somewhat unpredictable in their approach to creating beautifully constructed dreampop anthems.

Pepper Rabbit's LP has the potential to turn nonbelievers to believers. Yeah, I said it. It's infectious though. I struggled to choose which song to include because they're all lovely. They've got a gift for executing an alluring and charming album that doesn't lean too far towards any small pocket of a genre. So just sit tight, Shufflers! August 9 is right around the corner.

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