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Peter Cat Recording Co. - We're Getting Married
Feb 07, 2020
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Peter Cat Recording Co. is a five-piece band from Delhi, founded back in 2009. They are playful with their music and are fearless when it comes to delving into different genres, harmonizing them often in surprising ways.

Bismillah is their first album release with French label, Panache Records. It began in Delhi in 2017 with them recording at a fantastic farm full of artists. After that, part of the band went to Paris, where they mastered the tracks. They returned to India and then worked on the songs some more. The result is wonderful, you can hear the attention to detail and time dedicated to this last effort.

Suryakant Sawhney, lead singer and wonderful crooner, got married in April 2019. The cover art is of Sawhney’s father-in-law at the wedding, who is the reason for the album’s name (they shared that the gentleman portrayed in the cover likes to toast saying, “Bismillah,” or, “in the name of the true God,” when he has a drink).

Now, “We’re Getting Married” is a vinyl exclusive. It’s their D side and, man, it is a beauty. I became more enamored with it as It progressed. The song was written because of Suryakant’s marriage; his lyrics are simple and gorgeous. The video was directed by husband and wife duo, Miya Biwi, and features Gerd Brendel and Surabhi.

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