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Jan 11, 2018

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A Playlist For Making Babies (AKA Sex)
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A Playlist For Making Babies (AKA Sex)

Tags: Featured, Electronic, R&B, D'Angelo

In light of Indie Shuffle's founder, Jason, about to have the first of many children, the question zinging around the office is: "How are babies made?"

Adults will attempt to trick you by saying that children come from a man and a woman having intercourse. This is a lie. Baby making stems from music. Since our days as Homo Erectus sex has primarily been initiated via a very specific sequence of sounds. Today that sequence has broadened.

Struggling to follow? Allow me to divulge. In the beginning, or at least as far back as we can date reproduction, mammals of our kind would bang together rocks and twigs in a particular manner; this initiated prehistoric sex. As humankind has become more loose with they sexual moral code those frequencies have become more complicated, yet they span a much more diverse audial range. As this range of sounds increased, so did the variety of devices used to lure mates. Cue the piano, harpsichord, sitar, etc.

Today, the combination of a kick, snare and bass line will easily induce what historians have term "orgies." These "orgies" generally take place at "raves." 

Considering you're on your "laptop" you're likely not having an "orgy." However, if copulation is desired and there are ample mates in the vicinity, this playlist here is likely to arouse the attention of passersby when dialed to the correct frequency.


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