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Dec 11, 2013

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Best Of 2013: (Popular) Indie Rock
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Best Of 2013: (Popular) Indie Rock

Tags: "Best of" playlist, indie rock, indie pop, broken bells

We had a bit of an internal debate this year regarding indie rock’s best tracks of 2013. On one hand, the word “indie” inherently means “independent,” which indicates that we shouldn’t be choosing the year’s biggest acts for our list.

On the other hand, there was some amazing music from well-known acts such as Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club.

So, rather than fighting about it, we decided that we’d try to balance the two. This year we’ll be presenting one list that features Indie Rock’s biggest smash hits of 2013, and a second list that recognizes some of the up-and-coming / under-the-radar acts that deserve recognition.

Consider this one the pop list.

Haim Falling Artwork
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CHVRCHES Recover Artwork
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