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Apr 24, 2018

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Sounds like Tom Misch
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Sounds like Tom Misch

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A good excuse to appreciate the masterful work of Tom Misch -- without involving Tom Misch. Ok, we may actually add a few tracks of his, but at the moment, as of writing this, there aren't any.

Not really sure what more to say. Maybethat the world around you, the one that you interpret as reality, is made up of an invisible glue that holds sub-atomic particles together, naked to even the most powerful microscope. This matter, this glue, shapes everything. It shapes the water of tides that break where the ocean meets land. It shaped the funny little moustache on Hitlers upper lip. It shapes the brain that invented the sounds in the playlist. In fact, everything is made up, or joined by this matter, except the thoughts that were strung together as the ideas behind the music you're hearing, that's boundless.

Here's to the only thing that isn't made up of matter. Creativity (and other shit too, of course).

Image credit: Village Underground

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