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Aug 7, 2017

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How time flies. 2017 brings us to the ten year anniversary of the hotly anticipated Bay Area festival, Outside Lands. Over the years, the festival has brought countless incredible sets, dance parties, and even a fictitious park agent we now love and know, Ranger Dave. Indie Shuffle is proud to be a long time friend of the festival, and can't wait for this year's festival magic to unfold next weekend.

Outside Lands is hosted in the lovely Golden Gate Park each year, and is known for it's always solid but varied line up. From longstanding successful bands like The Who and Metallica to trendy acts bubbling up in the more underground/blooging circuit like Kaytranda and SOHN, their curation is hard to beat. Satisfying cross-generational music fanatics isn't something that a lot of festivals focus on these days, but this one nails it every damn year.

This year is a great one for hip hop and R&B fans; it's time to get hyped for acts like Solange, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, the aforementioned (def amazing and worth a second mention) Kaytranada. And don't worry, I won't forget to call out A Tribe Called Quest - these heroes just deserve a shout out all to their own. Ravers from the 90's to present are going to melt into the spiraling, heavy beats from Above & Beyond which will be a true treat.

You can listen below to check out some our most anticipated acts - it was really, really hard to decide - but I can't conclude this post without talking about the food and booze that OSL puts together for attendees. It wouldn't be a Bay Area festival without an entire area dedicated to wine enthusiasts called, you guessed it, Wine Lands. If you're a foodie, get ready for station after station with cuisine options from all over the world, an area called Choco Lands where all of your chocolate dreams can come true, and many more tasty treats that you can read about here.

Outside Lands, we can't wait to celebrate your double digit bday this year. For those of you who haven't copped tickets yet, there are still single day passes available here

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