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Oct 20, 2019

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Relaxed Vibes: Sunday Night Chill
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Relaxed Vibes: Sunday Night Chill

Last updated: Sunday, October 20th with Amon Tobin's "Full Panther."

If I'm not mistaken, our Sunday Night Chill series is probably the longest-running playlist series on Indie Shuffle. It started way back in 2012, when our then-writer Kyle Suss approached me asking if he could feature five downtempo songs every week in playlist form. I said "sure, why not?"

Flash forward 7 years, and the playlist series is still going strong, stewarded by Philip Friedman (who also happens to be the main editor of this playlist). Every Sunday, he's been publishing a selection of easy-going songs for your listening pleasure. But this week we're sorta... changing things up?

Yep, all good things evolve, and in a time where playlists have become the norm online, we've decided to give ours a facelift of sorts. Rather than publish a mini-playlist every week, we're going to combine everything into one big playlist that gets updated every week with some of our favorites. That way you can be sure that your listening experience stays fresh, but also stays consistently good.

Hopefully you enjoy the relaxed playlist vibe we've set up for you with this one :)

- Jason & Philip

Cover photo by Joanna Kosinska.

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