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Nov 27, 2017

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Sudio from Sweden sent over a pair of their Tre headphones, designed for the active lifestyle, so I've gone ahead and created this playlist of songs that will make me want to run. I figured, the headphones plus a nifty playlist has got to do the trick of keeping me fit this summer. 

These earphones are pretty much a game-changer. They fit well, and since they're Bluetooth functional the only chord is the one that that wraps around the back of my neck, which I like that because I can pull the pieces out my ears and leave the headphones hanging. They don't block out sound completely so I can use them while walking to work and still be able to hear the traffic and noises around me. 

The downside of the Tre is that once you put them on, they don't come off. What I mean is, they are so easy to use and they mould to one's life–commuting, exercising, working–that you don't really need to ever take them off. My ears are still getting used to the wing-tips in my little ears, but they definitely stay put unlike my former in-ear headphones. All in all, Sudio have made a fan out of me.  

I tested the headphones; you've got to test the playlist. Enjoy. 

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