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Jan 29, 2024

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Focus Portal: A Work & Study Playlist
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Focus Portal: A Work & Study Playlist

For a lot of us, the start of a new week means a new burst of energy -- and attention turned toward work at hand. For some people that might mean studying. For others it involves spreadsheets. Heck, you might even be doing something constructive with your hands (in 2019? Who does that?).

Whether you enjoy your task or not, there's one fact that's probably universally true: having some music in the background will make it a little bit better. As someone who spends the majority of his "focus" time coding, I find that vocal-free electronic music that has a slightly more uptempo vibe tends to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

In that vein of thinking, we decided to assemble a playlist of songs that we find are perfect for putting one's head down and accomplishing the task at hand. We'll be updating it semi-regularly, so my recommendation is that you keep it bookmarked :)

Cover photo by Thought Catalog.

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