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Private Agenda - Presence
Mar 29, 2023
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Why do we like this?

Growing up with a jazzhead, R&B-loving mother who filled the house with music at every waking second, Private Agenda's "Presence" fills me with nostalgia and a warm familiarity.

This is the type of song that could reach wall-to-wall inside a family home as the doors are opened to summer, the food is slowly roasted, friends are on their way, and the children have not a care in the world. It's the type of music that a soul at rest has the privilege to simply enjoy, free from concern, able to soak up its beauty.

Speaking to the track, Martin explains:

"We wanted to capture the feeling of being completely in the moment; lost in the music."

Whatever moment this song oozes over, let it find you, and let it introduce you to the present.

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