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quickly, quickly - Feel
May 05, 2021
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Sounds like: Jinsang, Saib, Oatmello
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Have You Seen All The Sad Films?

New age melancholy gets a boost of electric sounds in this hyper-aware chill trap track.

There is this movement going around in the current culture of young adults that emphasizes the ability to be aware of one's sadness or melancholy. Not to state that people flourish in their sadness, but rather than deny the feeling, they take it and thrust it into a form of productivity - whether that be watching and evaluating a sad film, creating a song, developing artwork, and so forth.

What "Feel" does, is it takes this awareness of sadness, this wallowing in it, and creates a comforting, possibly joyful, sound that carries you through that experience. It doesn't shy away from the feeling of detachment or anxiety, but what it does is it very brilliantly wraps it up in a warm and snuggly chill pop sound that in all the possible ways helps you to feel!

quickly, quickly - Shee
Tags: Editor's Pick, alternative, electro, tom misch
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j'san - alone by your side
Sounds like: saib., jinsang
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saib. - Serenade
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Saib - Jet Set
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