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Radkey - Out Here In My Head

Radkey - Out Here In My Head

Jul 03, 2013

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Punk is not dead, and Radkey is not too young. The firebrand trio from St. Joseph, Missouri have open-handily slapped Father Time and his chorus of naysaying critics, having decided to set a fire to apathetic social conventions. These three brothers belt out punk rock that is nostalgic and hip enough, a la Iggy Pop and Danzig, to make the girls melt -- yet bullish and demanding enough, think Dag Nasty meets Misfits meets The Damned, to make the fellas dance with a fury.

Radkey's new EP, Cat & Mouse, for Adrian Grenier's imprint Wreckroom, is the electromagnetic pulse that will shatter your hermit shell of a digital bubble and have you yearning to unshackle yourself from the daily routine to embrace summer, whether it is the pistol whipping tones of "Pretty Things" or the anthemic rocker "Cat & Mouse." However, it is "Out Here In My Head" that has me ready to play hooky, so I can forget work and throw back some brewha.

The five-song EP is a testament and homage to all things punk rock, and to limit them to certain inspirations, tendencies, and emulations would rob this record of its inimitable style and sound.

Simply put... Radkey is coming for your attitudes, girlfriends, whiskey, and everything in between...
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