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Ralph Castelli - Haunted
Apr 12, 2019
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17 times
Sounds like: BOYO, Still Woozy, SALES
Why do we like this?

Not only is Ralph Castelli from Alaska but he also has a name that you would hear in a movie about the mafia, so he's double cool. Haunted is our pal Ralph's latest release and is the ideal song for a relaxed Sunday in bed with someone you like, or by yourself. After all, romance is a social construct. 

The discernible clarity of Ralph Castelli's voice welcomes listeners to this ode to his lover. The softness of his tone is somewhat hypnotizing and persuasive, drawing you in. The simple bass and guitar riffs intertwined with soft vocal layers create an alluring atmosphere within my mind. It takes you to that safe place, ya know?

Over just this past week, I think this track is on its way to being in my top 100 songs of the year, so who has the champagne? I'll cheers to that.


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