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Ralph Castelli - Mystery
Apr 12, 2021
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Punch Drunk Suave Love

a Story of naive love and fleeting infatuation gets boosted by a suave sound and charismatic vocals - scene set, scene enjoyed.

Way back I explained how I'm am a big old stickler for an image-based sound, a piece of music that describes a moment, a scene, or a narrative chapter in something bigger. This does that in a space I feel is lacking that: the new age chill-wave space and the lo-fi funk noise of the afternoon nap youth.

The song is simple in its construction - easy to love loops of noise, a simple lyrical structure, and an almost calm and collected vocal show. But what it does to boost all of that is create a simple and immeasurably relatable scene of infatuation: seeing someone new, meeting someone new, or even just thinking of someone new.

It turns such a simple premise into so much more and it's a welcome sound in any afternoon chill playlist - easy to listen to, easy to follow, and awesomely impactful.

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