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Ras_G & The Koreatown Oddity - Live and Direct
Feb 03, 2015
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Coalescing from a cloud of backwoods smoke are Ras_G and The Koreatown Oddity, formidable in their own standings but other-worldly when merged together into the musical entity known as 5 Chuckles. 

Quietly at work during 2013 and 2014, they've been crafting a sound that's futuristic and ancient, meticulously raw, and seriously fun. Dominique serves as the perfect mouthpiece for _G's production. The bars are irreverent and subversive, all the while grounded in a deeply black sense of self. 

The packaging and presentation matches the ghetto sci-fi vision of the album's auteurs. The first run was limited to a cassette-only edition of 100, all packaged in used (but empty) backwoods packs. To the surprise of no one, this edition sold out in less than 24 hours.

For nearly two months, the music was limited to those 100 tapes and two live 5 Chuckles shows, no re-press or digital version -- until now. 300 more tapes have been commissioned (though no backwoods pack for this "regs" edition), and the 1's and 0's version is also available for the digital world. 

Enjoy the bonus track from the album, or the extra backwood in the pack, "Live and Direct," sampling the voice of the Blastmaster and keeping his ethos of true hip-hop relevant and pulsing with life in 2015. 

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