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Rat & Co - Fourth Sun
Feb 13, 2013
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For those who follow my posts, you won't be surprised when I admit that I've got a major thing for Melbourne band Rat & Co. After reviewing their first three releases, their debut album (which can be streamed in full hereOne (壱) Uno (壹) Ein was released on Sunday, and I've hardly listened to anything else since.

The Rat & Co. project started out as a way for the band's leader, Josh Delaney, to overcome a particularly difficult time. His music was written all over the world, from Austin to Berlin, and then back at his family farm in South Melbourne. Ideas and influences began to take off with time, especially when the band started to grow in size (now sitting comfortably at four members). The results have completely overwhelmed my already lofty expectations.

What's most brilliant about this album is the way it flows, with Delaney's fellow collaborator Kaia McCarty-Smith confirming "it was created to be a 40 minute listening experience that takes you on a journey." I find that a lot of acts try to pull this affect off, but not many manage this level of success.

Although it's meant to be listened to from start to finish, there are, of course, highlights to keep an eye out for. The previously released "Vision" and "Seawind" slot perfectly into the album, sandwiching the mellow (and perhaps my favorite track) "8 Bit Death." It's a spacey composition, with Delaney's hymn-like vocals only adding to the incredible layered effects the band provides. Final track "Dark Jam" was created as a homage to Boards of Canada, while "Austin Chime" has more of that slightly-worldly Tycho feel to it. The album's fourth single is the conveniently named "Fourth Sun," one of the more upbeat and sunny tracks on the album, again highlighting the band's ability to create incredible layered soundscapes.

Indie Shuffle is privileged to be hosting Rat & Co. as part of their album tour at the upcoming installment of INDIE SHUFFLE PRESENTS (in Sydney on March 2, 2013). They will be the main event at a show which also includes Indie Shuffle favorites Kilter and Lanterns. You can find out more, and RSVP to the show here.
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