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Ratatat - Cherry
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Jul 31, 2013
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Sounds like: C2C, Hocus Pocus
Why do we like this?

What I want to say is "get stoned and make love to 'Cherry.'" But what I am going to say is this:

There will be a person in your life that you'll want to spend a morning with. This person will take you by surprise and show up at your door. I know you think romance like that is just in the movies, but I promise that it happens in real life, too. You'll be mid-dreams when you hear a quiet knocking -- rat-a-tat -- but make sure to answer the door exactly as you looked while sleeping. Guide your visitor to your room and hold each other.



Play some music while you sneak into their arms. Move closer with the skin of his or her chest caressing yours, and play with each other's lips before moving in. You'll kiss for so long that it numbs your tongue. Let your body melt and grow with your guest. Happily surrender your worries and let the universe take shield. Fold yourselves in the blankets and forgo restraint.

As Ratatat rises into song, you'll kindly remember that the universal language is both love and sound. But listen closely to the unwritten songs the universe sings and trust that it knows what your soul needs. This current moment is something that will carry you well into your next life, exploding your mind and body right as "Cherry" peaks.

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