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River Whyless - Motel 6
Apr 27, 2018
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In just a little over a month River Whyless will be dropping their new album, Kindness, A Rebel, and in the lead up the American group have released new single "Motel 6."

A meandering alt-country campfire ditty, "Motel 6" is another super track from River Whyless. Written by the band's Ryan O'Keefe it's another Americana influenced guitar rumbler that will have you wishing the '70s never ended. Of the track O'Keefe had this to say:

We were driving home from a tough supporting tour, we were broke, which wasn't uncommon. Halli had just moved to Oregon and we'd dropped her at a Motel 6 to spend the night before her morning flight. Watching her check into the motel as we pulled away felt like an ending. It was as if I removed a pair of tunnel vision goggles and could see the world and my life for the first time since we started this band. I felt incredibly small, fragile, irresponsible, foolish, at a loss for what to do next and very alone. The reality of what we had been trying to do for a decade came crashing down in an almost laughable way. We didn't talk about it and I don't know if anyone felt the same way but, at that moment, I changed. The funny thing is that a month later we had the most successful tour we've ever had.

Kindness, A Rebel is set for release June 8. 


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