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Robin Kester - Leave Now
Apr 06, 2022
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Why do we like this?

Music never ceases to amaze me. Last night, as the rain was falling, I was cuddled up next to my dog listening to Robin Kester's "Leave Now" on repeat and I realized that a song, is oftentimes a message that the artist is trying to get across. As with any message, it's not certain the listener manages to get it. And so there I lay, trying to get what this Dutch musician is attempting to communicate.

The drums take center stage before the string work slides in with a more than moreish riff. From the onset, the instrumentals of "Leave Now" give off a very Junip vibe that drew me in right away. Kester's vocal performance is Rhye-esque to its core and as a huge fan, this knocks it out of the park for me.

The lyrics paint the discomfort of an unfamiliar world all around the listener, generating a reality that was all too real for the artist upon her travels to Vietnam. The pain of an artist — frequently the impetus to creation — is oftentimes the joy of those who consume what has been created. It's rather strange how pain and pleasure are part of one spectrum, connecting humans within it. And just like that, the artist's suffering is not in vain.

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