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Rohne - Circles
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Jul 28, 2021
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Why do we like this?

In the Tibetan language, the word used to describe cyclic existence is the same word that means 'circle.' Diving deeper, we see that circles are often used in other spiritual schools to depict a sense of totality, wholeness, infinity, and so on.

It's interesting to me that there appears to be these two seemingly contrasting points around one word. On the one hand, we have the suffering of the individualistic life, and on the other, complete unity.

In Buddhism, they speak of the unity of cyclic existence (samsara) and liberation (nirvana). This points to the idea that what I thought was in two seperate hands, is perhaps rather two sides of the same hand. After all, there is nothing outside of our experience so it would be futile to think that higher states of consciousness, free from suffering, exist somewhere else.

This is what Rohne's track — "Circles" — does for me: It serves as a gentle reminder that everything is simply present now; one can never escape or live outside one's own perception or experience; and that beauty, such as the gorgeous soundscape of "Circles" is to be appreciated when it appears.

Speaking to the song, Rohne (Keenan Branch) says:

“I remember Circles being one of those rare occasions where you get so consumed by an initial idea that the entire track falls into place in a couple days. As it came together it seemed to take on this meditative and hypnotic quality, as if the layers of the track were looping in circles.”

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