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Rosie and Me - Bonfires
Feb 15, 2010
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I will declare it right now: the best folk band to have contacted me these past 2 months is without a doubt, Rosie and Me. When I'm reviewing music submissions, I always try to give the entire song a chance, even if it's completely awful"¦ but there are times that you can tell something is going to be amazing by just listening to the first five seconds. At second thirteen of "Come Back" I had already fallen deeply in love with Rosie and Me, and there was no coming back.

Singer, Rosanne Machado, accurately describes the group as "unpretentious and simple". Both "˜Come Back' and "˜Bonfires' are acoustic wonders that sound and feel as natural as the change of the seasons and as spontaneous as Snooki from the Jersey Shore. These positive, warm melodies are almost enough to fight the cold winter this year and keep you refreshed during the summer.

Rosie and Me have been well received in the US, Germany, Canada, Poland and many other countries, save for perhaps the most surprising one, their country of origin: Brazil. In truth, after I listened to their songs, I was a bit surprised they were actually from Brazil, as you don't typically see the American folk influence in Latin American countries. Drawing from different cultures to create a sound of their own, of course, makes their sound all the more unique.
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