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Ross From Friends - Romeo, Romeo
Aug 11, 2017
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Few artists have been so definitive to their niche genres as Ross From Friends has been to lo-fi house music. And it seems that over the years, the subgenre has come to define the artist as well.

The bulk of the London producer’s backlog has received arguably more attention for being central works of lo-fi house than for being good individual pieces of music in their own right. But his latest EP, The Outsiders, is full of constant reminders not to judge the book by its cover. “Romeo Romeo” is the strongest example, as underneath its cheesy tape hiss and sitcom-sounding drums, the song’s actual pulse is what shines through.

So the music may not be boundary-pushing, but with a name like 'Ross From Friends' anyone listening probably knows exactly what to expect. There’s plenty of experimental elsewhere. Let the lo-fi king reign his comfortable little niche.

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Tags: Editor's Pick, Electronic, house, lo-fi house
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