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Sam Smith - Safe With Me (Tourist Remix)
Aug 16, 2013
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If my life was a musical, true love was obvious, and people were perfect, "Safe With Me (Tourist Remix) would be the scene where I meet the mysterious stranger (played by Sam Smith) at a random party and he starts crooning, "Don't you know you're safe with me" over top a garage-inspired production (agreed, a disgustingly hip musical.)

The tone in this scene would be "seductive joyousness," because often what we wish for has the opposite effect. The lesson here: true love isn't obvious, people aren't perfect, and while party intrigues and utopian dreams dance their tempting dance, a two-fold choice is introduced. A door opens left stage, a new song begins to materialize, but what is it?! Who is he?! A passing Tourist?! We don't know yet, we can't tell because the heroine's heart is in unrest!

But lo! Our main character (me, duh) feels a strong pull in this opposite direction -- there is an undeniable warmth to it. Here now, the stage lights reflect this mood. Colors wave in greens and blues; flashes of red let us know the heart is still in conflict. She wants to stop fighting, give way to temptation -- oh, if she could just keep on dancing! She want's so badly to live in this perpetual pleasure, to believe this mysterious stranger -- believe that his words are sincere and she will finally be safe... (insert dramatic pause.)

Eh, I'm no playwright. Whatever will become of our fickle hearted character? Who knows, but here and now we can thank Tourist for setting the stage with his "Safe With Me" remix.

For more on Tourist, follow him via SoundCloud.

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