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Kendrick Lamar & Notorious B.I.G. - The Recipe (Scoopaloop Remix)
Oct 29, 2012
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Scoop Deville has humbly been flying the flag for great music on a commercial level. He has a track record of working with major artists, and his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre this year have truly set him apart as a producer. The release of good kid, m.A.A.d city and its two monster Scoop productions ("The Recipe" and "Poetic Justice") show he's capable of classic records.

Over the weekend, I caught up with Scoop and chatted a bit about his work with Kendrick, and he was gracious enough to share with us his own remix of "The Recipe," as part of his Scoopaloops remix series. On the track, he extends his beat out, isolates elements, and brings in the late great B.I.G. for his own take on California's magic "recipe."

How did you start working with Kendrick Lamar?

I started working with TDE camp 2008. Jay Rock and I have always been super cool, and Kendrick truly  stepped up to the plate with everything. It's incredible to witness and be apart of such a special movement.

What was it like working with Kendrick on "The Recipe" and having it be the lead single for good kid, m.A.A.d city?

It was a great piece to set the tone for the record and a honor from all angles, from having Dr. Dre rap on it to the group that the actual sample comes from, who better than the Doc himself to showcase that sample properly? It couldn't of been any other way.

How did you come across that vocal sample?

I was tuned in late at night to KCRW, listening to mixes and new indie artists. That record came on and just put me in a trance, I knew I had to freak that sample. So, I ended up finding it that same night and had it on repeat. When I got back from Atlanta, I went in my studio and came up with the beat. That was actually a year prior to linking up with Dre and TDE.

Explain what's going on in this Scoop-a-loop remix. It sounds like a different version of the beat.

I wanted to break down the record and pretty much explain in sequence how I created it. The song and beat are still untouchable to me, I had to put something special together for the listeners and fans to vibe to.

Why did you incorporate that B.I.G. line? Was it a coincidence, or did you have that in mind when you originally made the beat?

I heard that song of B.I.G.'s talking about "going back to Cali stricky for the weather women and the weed sticky green." Personally, I dont know if thats where Kendrick got his inspiration for the concept, but I just felt like it was special, as Biggie was taking to me about the recipe in that very moment. I had to somehow incorporate it with the breakdown of my beat.

How did "Poetic Justice" come to be?

That was another piece that Kendrick was really fucking with at the time, and so was everybody else involved.  I didn't know that Drake would have a feature, it's unreal to see that record take off the way I always envisioned it. It's really a timeless piece of art and one of the sexiest sample/original songs of our time -- also, the fact that it was even cleared is huge to me.

Did you anticipate it having the impact it has? Folks have been trying to remake that beat and pass it along as the original.

Haha I cant be mad at that, when the smoke settles it's all love. I always knew that was a special piece for whoever got their hands on it. I knew if it was the right artist and outlet it would certainly blow up.

Whose idea was it to chop up Janet Jackson?

I was vibing with Janet records with some some musician friends one night, and that song came on and the light bulb clicked. I had to freak the sample.

Finally, what should we be looking out for from Scoop Deville in the near future?

Be on the look out for more crazy features with some of the best artist in the hip-hop world and beyond. Also be on the lookout for more remixes, my groups and artist that I'm affiliated with.  There is so much in store, it's only the beginning! Thank you Sweeney Kovar & Indie Shuffle for doing this interview and premiering my Scoopaloops remix to "The Recipe" produced by yours truly!

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