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Seb Wildblood - Interlude (D.K. Remix)
Mar 29, 2018
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Sounds like: Pool Boy, Tom VR
Why do we like this?

Over the past few weeks I've been having quite a time trying to find music to review that I like. Usually, stumbling on some sonic magic doesn't take me that long, but if I start to breach a half hour or more of searching and nothing has snagged me, I give up until the next round, the next day. 

Not sure what it is I've been looking for, just something different -- something to voice this new set of feelings I feel -- feelings that I think have been fairly confusing, wonderful, and frustrating for a lot of people. Suppose I can compare it to the rights of spring, how a grass blade struggles through dirt still hard with winter bitterness, peaks its tiny head into an atmosphere still biting with cold. Maybe that little grass blade wonders why, when all signs point to sprouting, the earth seems unwelcoming, and more than a little bit oppressive.

The grass blade, however, won't be discouraged by stubborn weather patterns. It goes on growing, anyway. Lucky for grass, it doesn't have emotions, at least not in the way we feel them, and it certainly wouldn't stunt its growing because it thought the earth had something against grass. In that way, we can learn from a grass blade. Obstacles (emotional, physical, or otherwise) more often than not are unbiased. Like a fallen boulder, it falls because it falls, not because it didn't like the way we walked so it fell in our path. 

There's this sense of growing I feel, a growth that is happening despite a few inner and outer obstacles -- a push in a direction I as a human am not exactly ready to go, but as an organism in a complicated ecology,  have no choice in the matter. Grow, we shall, just like grass, just as the seasons come and go, just as boulders dislodge from their lodgings.

"Interlude" is a great soundtrack for this point in time -- putting voice to that limbo period, the last difficult push when spring has sprouted but hasn't exactly sprung. "Interlude" isn't exactly the fresh and new I was looking for, but it's a comforting sound, and being comfortable when things are a little uncomfortable sounds pretty good.

Feel like I've been pairing up Seb Wildblood and D.K. for a while, as far as similar sounds, so it's cool to see them together on a track. It's another nice balearic house beat to add to the collection.


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