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Sebadoh - Keep The Boy Alive
Jul 26, 2012
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When was it that the 90s started coming back? Combat boots, floral, grungy sounding lo-fi indie rock... not gonna lie, I love it all. So seeing that there's a new EP from Sebadoh, some of the real pioneers of the 80s/90s lo-fi indie genre is, well, pretty rad.  Go ahead, pick your 90s adjective and run with it.

Secret EP is a 5-song collection, and the band's first new material in 14 years. And perhaps it's the ubiquity of this kind of music these days, but the tracks manage to simultaneously sound like throwbacks and totally fresh. There are well matched layers of guitar, bass, and percussion, each heard distinctly through a songs progression. A big sound that lacks pretension. A clean, richness that descends into a resounding crunch of fuzz.

Sebadoh is coming out with a full-length release in 2013 -- none of the EP tracks will be included, so expect a whole new swath of material. Stream all of their Secret EP over on Bandcamp and you know, kick back in some flannel with a Crystal Pepsi, or something. But really, my 90s jokes aside, this is a really great collection of tracks. If this means that the 90s cometh, I say welcome back.

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