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Shame - March Day
Jan 07, 2022
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Ah, it’s so good to have some indie-post-punk back in the mix. Shame clearly shows their old-school influence - The Clash seems to have been a pretty big influence for them, and you can hear this coming through in the more riotous moments of the song. Regardless, Shame encapsulates the sound of South London with gusto, audacity and charm, even if it is much cleaner and less twitchy than their old school predecessors. It’s cheeky and sincere, with a devious wink and a naughty grin - just the way post-punk should be.

“March Day” is a fun track, and to be honest, makes me miss live music. This is the type of song you want to jump around to with your friends, smiling and laughing and spilling your beer as you bump into each other, drunk and in good spirits while the band lets loose on stage. This one will be in my rotation for a while!

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