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Share-a-tories - Cycling
Oct 30, 2011
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Why do we like this?

Share-a-tories comes from Boston, Massachusetts and is the brain child of Andrew Morehart. That's pretty much all I know about them -- although I do know that I love their single, "Cycling." This track is taken from their EP, Dissolved In The Dark (out now!).

"Cycling" is filled with high enery and well thought-out intricacies. There's a constant hypnotizing hum in the background of the entire song. The drums won't calm down, nor do I want them to. The vocals and harmonies are infectious and draw you in. The synthesized bass add a nice touch of atmospheric tone to the organic sound of the rest of the instruments.

With the way the entire song is constructed, you might question how a banjo might fit in, but its carefully plucked technique adds a simple yet complimenting effect to the overall sound.

If you like this track then, you should pick up Dissolved In The Dark and see what else Share-a-tories has up their sleeves. This song is breezy and alive. Perhaps it's something you can listen to when you're cycling (HAHA, right? Oh god.).

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