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Siobhan Sainte - Burn It Down
Jun 24, 2017
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Siobhan Sainte's track "Burn It Down" has a melodramatic edge and off-kilter sensibility that commands attention.

There's a power in secrecy. Pop icons like Fiona Apple have always existed in some aether that's masked and cloudy and newcomer Siobhan Sainte wants to follow that trend. "Burn It Down" is classy, mysterious, and borderline macabre in terms of how it makes the typical pop structure its bitch. As a singer, she exudes a confidence and femininity that suggests anything but fragility - an obvious nod to many contemporaries and the canon of confident female songstresses in the 90s.

The song's composition reinforces this mindset. Once things get going, there's a seediness to the proceedings which suggest an almost off-putting and mischievous side to her identity. Detuned synth leads and sparse percussion, literally used to fill in the gaps, makes the most out of this post-modern minimalist approach to pop music. It's almost tribal in it's energy, showing that sometimes simplicity is the best route to generate atmosphere.

"Burn It Down" is a strong debut and one which makes me interested in Sainte's work in the future.

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