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Apr 08, 2014
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Music is all about the feeling it gives you while listenening to it, the special place it takes you to, the memories it stirs up, and the memories it makes. SNOWMINE's newest album, Dialects, is one of those albums that applies to all of the above for me.  

The Brooklyn-based indie band has made an album that I can listen to from start to finish, over and over.  Heck, I'll go as far as saying that Dialects is my favorite album of the year, so far. Oh, and I have yet to mention how good they are live, too!

I recently caught up with SNOWMINE at a sold-out show in San Francisco, and they did not disappoint. I was very curious how the band would translate live, but, in fact, they were stellar.  Their sound was rich, their vibes were compelling, and their demenor was humble.  Fellow writer Louisa Ferguson describes their music perfectly in her review of "Columbus":

"This is visceral music that makes you want to feel a little more intensely, care a little bit more. It has a uniquely calming effect that makes you trust that it comes from a good place."

While this post refers to their new album, I wanted to mix things up by giving you and oldie but goodie from their 2011 album, Laminate Pet Animal, called "Let Me In."  Honestly, we have just posted all of the available tracks from Dialects, so I had to dig back in their collection to add a track for this review, but "Let Me In" proves that this band has been making good music for quite some time.  

Okay, now go listen to Dialects.

SNOWMINE - Columbus
Sounds like: Grizzly Bear, Mesita
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Boy and Bear - The Storm
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