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Sound Remedy - We Are The Dream (Ft. Carousel)
Oct 05, 2014
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Why do we like this?

Sundays are typically quite dry for music, so I'll often end up featuring a song from way back as Song of the Day. This Sunday is different though, and I couldn't be more stoked.

Sound Remedy has made a name on Indie Shuffle for regularly producing some of the better electronic remixes. More often than not, his subject matter ends up becoming one of the week's most popular tracks. But, as is the case for so many remixers, making the jump from editing someone else's work to producing original content can prove quite difficult.

Fortunately, by enlisting the vocal powers of Carousel, Sound Remedy has smashed any sort of doubts to heaven and back. Not only is this enjoyable, it's fresh -- and for that I'm sure it's bound to pique the interest of listeners all over the place.

"We Are The Dream" will be included on an upcoming EP by the name 83, due for release on November 4th. It includes four tracks, two of which feature guest vocalists (the other is an up-and-coming artist with a lot of talent and soul named EVVY). If you're keen, you can follow this link to grab your copy via iTunes, or catch Sound Remedy on tour (dates here).

Be sure to catch Sound Remedy on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify; you can also find Carousel on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. Lastly, some words from Sound Remedy himself:

I want to say a big thank you to Jason at Indie Shuffle for premiering the first original piece of music with vocals that I've done in my career. The Indie Shuffle is one of the few remaining blogs that focus solely on posting good music; not pointless artist drama.

I also want to thank all my fans for supporting my music and my tours over the past few years. It would mean a lot to me if you guys went to iTunes and purchased my single. I understand not many people pay for music anymore, but I've turned down contracts with big labels to remain independent in order to keep my artistic integrity. When you purchase my music or support me on a tour, the proceeds go directly towards me; not some BS label executive who only cares about making money. If you're broke and/or don't believe in buying music, feel free to just download the release illegally somewhere (pretty much all my music is free anyway)

Thanks again.
-Sound Remedy

Streaming source: http://smarturl.it/c7zcns
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