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Still Woozy - Get Down
Jul 21, 2021
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Sun-soaked and warm, Still Woozy’s new single, “Get Down”, is an ode to the magic and euphoria of infatuation. Lifted from his eagerly-awaited debut album, If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is, this track stays true to form in terms of the album title; it is, indeed, incredibly nice.

It’s a glittering little alt-pop gem that encapsulates the dreamy, spontaneous nature of holiday romance: you meet a beautiful stranger on the beach, or maybe a dancefloor. You spend the evening sharing drinks, swapping plans for adventure, discussing your love of the beautiful tropical new land in which you both find yourselves...at the end of the evening you share a kiss, and suddenly, you’re head over heels in love with a person you don’t know from a loaf of bread. You know they’ll end up hurting you and it’ll end terribly when you both leave to go home, but it doesn’t matter, because freedom and lust have wound themselves around you like sweet and sticky vines and they don’t intend on leaving any time soon. And truth be told, neither do you. Need some extra proof? Take a look at the lyrics:

"She’s gonna break me

But I don’t give a damn right now

She wanna get down, I wanna get down

We’re gonna get down, so"

“Get Down” is about the impending heartbreak borne of breezy decisions; maybe you’ve had too much sun and the alcohol’s gone to your head, or maybe that beautiful stranger really is your dream person. Only one way to find out, right?

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