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Summers Sons - The Feeling
Jan 27, 2018
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Held on to "The Feeling" for a while. Had to stop crying every time I heard it, felt it. Kind of how I had to stop crying every time I thought about that lost love, the one that was still raw and dabbled with blood. 

"The Feeling" meant a lot to me, as I kept confronting that deep, fresh wound, trying to put all that emotion in a shipping crate and send it to an undisclosed location deep in the Amazon.

I found double meaning everywhere within "The Feeling." Summers Sons - brothers out of Bristol - their choice of name reminded me of my own tales of a summer's love, brought on by some other mother's son, together with whom I'd created an epic poem, a tragic love story, packaged in magic and lust, a treasure so powerful it could make one weep by scent, alone, and thrill the minds and hearts of whoever touched it.

"The Feeling" got me through it, the most painful parts, the ending that was really the end, not like all the endings before - the endings that we couldn't accept, accepting instead the opposite, to roll on and on with a passion, based on endings that built one giant ball of sinewy emotion, frayed at the ends like a million nerves, a pain so great one couldn't breath past the tears.

That was "The Feeling," a lucid, stoic feel, delicately led forward through murky, lo-fi dreams. Somewhere in that fog came words of clarity, like the words of the Summers Sons, that built like samples build a beat, like the solemn strength of hip hop, like the perfect music and the perfect time that makes the feelings manageable, and ultimately, easier to overcome. 

The emotional process of overcoming, like creating a song, is beautiful, frustrating, tender, and tense. This song embodies all those things, as such, "The Feeling" will probably live as one of my favorite tracks, just like that summer's love will live as one of my favorite memories, and I'll never be able to separate "The Feeling" from those feelings, because they are now one in the same.



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