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Sun Wizard - World's Got a Handle
Sep 24, 2011
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Vancouver rockers Sun Wizard, are no-frills when it comes to their vintage-inspired rock. Released September 20 on Light Organ Records, Positively 4th Avenue is their debut full-length album overflowing with summery tunes about life, drinking and love.

Sun Wizard's modern day grunge mixed with folk-rock is the perfect combination of fuzzy guitars and growling vocals by James Younger and Malcolm Jack. Accompanied by Francesco Lyon (bass) and Ben Frey (drums), this quartet's energy is contagious.

Opening track "World's got a Handle" is a bright, catchy tune, but the repeated guitar riff sounds way too familiar. A little slower and bit more produced and you've got yourself the beat to MGMT's "Electric Feel." Not a good way to kickstart the album, but Sun Wizard's style is so simple it's unique in the times of textured layers and synth.

"Middle of My Heart" is a bluesy-rock tune lead by a squealing harmonica. The obvious influences of folk legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, combined with 70s California rock tendencies similar to Fleetwood Mac, lend this song a pleasant familiarity of bustling beats and down-home lyrics.

Positively 4th Avenue is a light-hearted tribute to rock "˜n' roll when it didn't matter how many "likes" you had. These Canadian boys are blue jean wearin', whiskey sluggin' type of rock stars, and that's the way they like it. With long shaggy hear and scruffy faces, the personas fit the rough-rugged type of music they play. They let the good times roll, and live for those nights to never be forgotten.
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