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Supermash - Endorphins In Ya Head
Mar 06, 2011
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Why do we like this?
I imagine that most people reading this won't regard mashups as "proper music," and truth be told, I'm pretty much with you on that one. Sure, they're a good bit of fun every now and then, but there is no real talent in making them. Saying that, I do really like this particular track from Supermash.

Now I'm a big fan of Biggie, and a big fan of Burial, but I didn't really expect them to work on the same track. Yet somehow it does. The melancholic lyrics of "Hold Your Head" sit nicely over the instrumental "Endorphin." As Biggie ponders whether his mother should have had an abortion, Endorphins weeps away in the background - roughly the musical equivalent to the highly moving lyrics Biggie is laying down. From the likes of "Nasty Girl," you wouldn't expect something so deep and thoughtful, but here it is. These two tracks feel like they were made for each other, and that's why this mashup works.

This track is my personal favorite from the album Notorious D.U.B., which combines Biggie with some Dub classics. You can catch all of it on Supermash's Bandcamp, along with his debut album, which features Jay-Z.
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