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Sweet Kaw-Liga - Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising
Nov 02, 2021
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Why do we like this?

This song is sultry and haunting. You can feel the waves of emotion pulsing against this background of ticking time. It’s easy to get lost in the echoing synth and soft vocals that fade into whispers.

I like soaking in the duality of this piece. It’s enticing and alluring, yet cold and distant. Perhaps a nod to the title: Pisces - a fish running in two directions, caught between fantasy and reality. And Scorpio, charming but dark. I’m not one to read into zodiac signs, but I feel these characteristics clearly reflected throughout this song.

Sweet Kaw-Liga is an artist from Miami who cleanses his spirit swimming in the ocean every day, teaches yoga, eats french fries, and expresses a range of feelings in his songs that are too easy to relate to. Besides this single, my favorite song of his is "On the Dock"; it’s this beautifully warm and light acoustic song that puts you at ease. His newest release, "Sadder Days", is something satisfyingly dark that fits your depressed mood on a sad day.

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