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Tame Impala - Elephant

Tame Impala - Elephant

Jul 25, 2012

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Hell to the yes! Tame Impala just leaked their latest installment, "Elephant", from their soon-to-be-released sophomore effort Lonerism (out via Modular).

Bursting with electrifying guitar licks from the start, "Elephant" lends itself to a more psychedelic rock-sounding genre. The flourishing instrumentals and cosmic vocals smoothly combine together, transmitting a galactic sound that permeates through your speakers in dreamlike audio sequences.

Ultimately what we have here is an impressive single that defines Tame Impala as a musical juggernaut. When it comes to releasing tracks that defy expectations and exemplify what it is to be a leader in the psychedelic genre in this day and age, these are your men.

That said, enjoy "Elephant" and be sure to check out Lonerism when it's released to the masses on October 5th.

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