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Teen Daze - Swimming
Oct 28, 2021
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Why do we like this?

“Swimming” is the retro minimal electro-house daydream I didn’t know I was missing. It’s atmospheric and ebullient, full of sparkle and clean lines, but with a soft and poppy edge that makes the entire track feel like a psychedelic cloud of cotton candy.

The track is diverse and textured enough to ensure that its rhythmic backbeat and bouncing synths are never repetitive or redundant; the musical journey builds steadily, taking short but colourful forays into various peaks and valleys of differing depths and intricacies, and closes out by engulfing us in a swirling mist of shimmering synth-work, building to an atmospheric break before the groove knocks you off your feet once more and sends you spiraling back out into Western arm of a previously unknown galaxy.

It’s a whole lot of fun whether you’re throwing down on the dancefloor, tapping your feet surreptitiously at the office, or lying quietly on your back in the sunshine with your eyes closed. Music is pretty transportive that way, and “Swimming” is no different.

This is the first single from Teen Daze’s hotly anticipated new album, due out December 10th.

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