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Tentendo - One Stop Shop
Jul 05, 2017
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“One Stop Shop” is an enticing mix of neo-soul and alternative hip hop that pops with slinky synths and soulful vocals. It’s the debut single from Melbourne-based producer Tentendo, who’s worked with the likes of Billy Davis, Blasko and Jordan Dennis. The track's female vocalist has chosen to remain anonymous for now, but she makes an impression nonetheless by enveloping your mind with her soaring and husky tone.

The track’s instrumental elements are sparse but not simple; Tentendo crafts a rich sonic texture using closely harmonised piano and warped synths atop clipped beats. Delicate, trickling piano motifs are woven throughout the mid-section, offering a crisp sonic counterweight to the track’s heavy bass and beats.

The production is polished and intricate, with waves of rising vocal harmonies drifting across the stereo image (1:27 if you’re curious). These gradually develop into layers of harmonies that flesh out the track with breathy refrains.

Tentendo has a production style similar to that of Flying Lotus and D’Angelo, delivering an infectious RnB groove that draws upon a diverse range of textures from experimental, electronic and hip hop soundscapes. You can stay up to date with his future releases through Facebook and SoundCloud

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