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Tep No - The Last Ones Standing
Nov 06, 2015
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Why do we like this?

While I can't explain the name, I can tell you with confidence that Tep No is worth getting into. Why more people aren’t talking about this Canadian producer of magically chill music is beyond me. Somehow he’s managed to stay just under the radar, but it’s only a matter of time. Basically every song off his debut album Our Summer That Never Was is bloody fantastic. If this were the summer of 1996 and you were burning a ‘Roadtrip!!’ CD mix for you and your friends, you would basically have to include every song.

This track is a perfect mix of daytime disco and tropical house. You’ve got gentle, breezy guitar and upbeat vocals reminiscent of The Bee Gees "Stayin’ Alive" that culminate in a unique, relaxed sound guaranteed to kick all and any stress to the curb. You may not realize it yet, but once you’ve heard this song, you will never not be in the mood to listen to it.

If you’re on DJ duty stuck in traffic en route to wherever and pressure is high, you can count on this song -- or any Tep No song for that matter -- to satiate everyone’s musical tastes.

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