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The Click - Puzzle Piece Ft. Afika Nx

The Click - Puzzle Piece Ft. Afika Nx

Dec 11, 2016
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Why do we like this?

I've always enjoyed driving. I started driving at the age of 13 and bought my first car at the age of 16. I didn't even have a license, but times were so different back then. I'd wash that car everyday, and then drive straight to nowhere at 5 mph. That's right. I didn't want to race and I had nowhere particular that I was escaping to. I just wanted to listen to music at obnoxiously loud levels and get lost in it. 

I heard Biggie's, Ready To Die album in a car. Driving through my neighborhood (East New York), my mind was blown. I couldn't believe what I was listening to. It was so cinematic; so raw. 

I grew up with hip-hop and she raised me. I naturally gravitate towards basslines and low ends that thump. Basslines that seem to bounce right off the ground and collide directly into your chest. That's what I love about this particular tune your about to listen to or are listening to. 

"Puzzle Piece" is a bit of reggae, a bit of Drake-ish pop, and whole lot of good. The melody is dictated by the beat. The underlying groove keeps a constant presence that forces you onto the dance-floor; something I would have hoped was playing at the hookie jams we would attend out in Richmond Hill, Queens when we were in High School. We'd drive there because all the Guyanese and Trini kids only played reggae and soca and everything tropical that made the girls dance all day and into the evening before everyone had to disperse. 

I'll leave it there. The Click does a fantastic job of capturing melody and rhythm and encasing them in a hit jam that should be played straight through next summer. It's better than that Reggae Gold, and just as good as that all that Drake & Tory Lanez shit.

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