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The Dead Trees - World Gone Global
Jul 27, 2011
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I'd never heard of The Dead Trees until a few days ago, but as soon as I heard this, I couldn't help but listen to the entire thing a few consecutive times. It's a charming, catchy sort of "fuck you" song, and I love that. I love catchy "fuck you's."

Fun fact: this band has filled in as Little Joy and Adam Green's backing band. They're already pros! Think early 60s chilled out beach party, with these dudes nonchalantly banging out a great song like it's second nature. They combine a simple beat, an electric guitar with a vintage pluck, funky bass, and a laid-back, effortless lead vocal to create a sun-faded style. The lead singer, Michael Cummings, had this to add about the single:

"'World Gone Global' is some dry witticism about being abused by women. It can get to the point where you don't even care enough about someone to let them hurt you. Some call it a defense mechanism but I call it a philosophy. I've adapted this philosophy to many other things in my life, but pretty soon you end up not believing in anything. Then you're a nihilist....and I don't believe in nihilism." -- Spinner.com

The song is two minutes and forty three seconds long. Just give it a quick listen and decide for yourself. If it tickles your fancy, you're in luck! Their new album, Whatwave, is out now!
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