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The Family Crest - Beneath The Brine
Jan 30, 2014
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Premiering here on Indie Shuffle, The Family Crest is an indie folk rock band from the greatest city on earth, San Francisco (I might be a little biased since I live here).  The band was founded by members Liam McCormick (lead vocals/guitar) and John Seeterlin (bass) as a recording project back in 2009 that quickly went down the road that many bands do, which is become disillusioned and thinking about quitting. But they ultimately put their brilliant minds back together to regroup and refocus their project into something that, in the end, would reinvent the way they made, recorded, and shared the gift of music.

The Family Crest currently consists of seven core members, and boasts over 400 "Extended Family" members on the listed recording credits of the new album.  McCormick says, "We always liked making music with people -- getting a bunch of people together and singing.  So we put ads everywhere.  We posted on Craigslist and emailed old friends from school.  We've worked with a lot of conservatory students as well as people who just sing in the shower.  It became a lot about giving these people a chance to express themselves without being locked into a commitment."

The multifaceted band achieves such unique and unforgettable sound by using a ton of  instruments in peculiar places.  From vibraphones to French horns to bassoons recorded in cafes, churches, and living rooms across the West Coast, The Family Crest are bound to leave a fresh new taste of originality and soul with you after each and every listen.

As Laura Bergmann (flute/keys) notes, "We live in a very disconnected age, so it's a really special experience to have a recording session in a cafe that's open to the public and to sing next to people you've never met before, doing something together that's tangible and very meaningful."

Liam McCormick adds, "When I listen to the record, it's like listening to the last two years of my life. All of my best friends that I've met are in one place, together." What might have started out as your typical music project has evolved into a way of life; it's a project that gives the gift of music to a whole new sea of people, who, at one point, did not have an outlet to share their musical gift and talent.

Now that gift is being shared with everyone in the form of "Beneath The Brine," the title track from their new album.  The song has a full-bodied orchestral sound with an indie folk bite.  And when you add the vocal range of Liam McCormick into the mix, it will keep your ears on edge with excitement.

New album Beneath The Brine will be released on February 25, 2014 via Tender Loving Empire.  Also, if you're near the best city on earth, San Francisco, on February 13, the band will be performing a special hometown release show at The Great American Music Hall.  You can also catch them at SXSW this year in Austin, TX. Yeehaw!
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