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The Peach Kings - Do For Me

The Peach Kings - Do For Me

Sep 14, 2012

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What is going on in the world? A basic Google and Hype Machine search reveals that just about every music blog has ignored The Peach Kings' seductive new release, Handsome Moves. The six track EP features "Thieves and Kings" and "Fisherman," which you may already know and love, as well as other gems like the hypnotic "Do For Me."

Paige Wood and Steven Trezevant Dies formed The Peach Kings in San Francisco and currently work out of Los Angeles, which helps explains the lustful polish that shines through on Handsome Moves. One easy comparison happens to be The Black Keys, thanks largely to the blues and soul influences that give a retro vibe to the Kings' stripped-down ballads.

Handsome Moves is driving-through-the-desert-while-the-sun-sets kind of music. It is also the perfect EP for all the lovers out there trying to have kids, and the ones who are just practicing. Support The Peach Kings and sexy times everywhere by purchasing Handsome Moves via Bandcamp.
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