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The Peach Kings - Thieves and Kings

The Peach Kings - Thieves and Kings

Oct 20, 2011

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Why do we like this?
It's pretty rare that I hear a single for the first time and think "Oh, hell yes! That's exactly what I felt like listening to." But when I heard "Thieves and Kings" by the Peach Kings late last night, I instantly felt that connection to the track. It's a slight departure from what we heard on their EP Trip Wop; it's more dangerous and sexual in both volume and theme.

Paige Wood and Steven 'Dies' Trezevant make music magic in "Thieves and Kings" -- with raw guitars and Paige's sensual vocals, the song makes you want to drink some whiskey and rob a bank.

It's fitting, then, that the single is accompanied by an entertaining video set against the backdrop of an abandoned desert town, featuring Bonnie and Clyde-inspired shenanigans. Shot by photographer/videographer Paul Trillo, the Peach Kings' debut music video focuses stylistically on the core of their rootsy, soulful vibe. The ending will make you smile, I guarantee it.

The band is currently finalizing dates for their West Coast tour taking off in the first weeks of December. Dates to follow very soon and will be first released on the band's Twitter.

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