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The Seedy Seeds - Verb Noun
Feb 03, 2011
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The banjo is a really incredible instrument. I think it automatically makes me like a song, although in the case of "Verb Noun" by Cincinnati trio The Seedy Seeds, it's more like the combination of a banjo with an upbeat, catchy tune and some great vocals (note: I love when bands have both male and female vocalists). At first listen, it reminded me a little bit of Freelance Whales and Au Revoir Simone. And that's a really good thing.

The Seedy Seeds are probably the least seedy thing coming out of the Midwest -- their pop music glistens with optimism and happiness, and generally leaves me feeling warm and smiley. They are electronic-meets-folk pop, and they rock that lovely blend of genres.

Band members Margaret Darling (guitar, accordian, vocals), Mike Ingram (banjo, vocals), and Brian Penick (lights, percussion) have toured with Tegan and Sara, The Hold Steady, Man Man, Ted Leo + Pharmacists, and Matt and Kim. You can listen to their other albums on their Bandcamp page; trust me, you won't be disappointed.

The Seedy Seeds are on the road promoting their new album Verb Noun (release date TBD, right now their website says "to be unleashed on the world during our upcoming tour"), which will be reviewed on Indie Shuffle soon, you can be sure of that.
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