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The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar

The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar

Jul 21, 2011
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Can a review for a song that lasts 82 seconds be written in 82 seconds? The Vaccines' fast, fast "Wreckin' Bar" is making me type very, very fast as it shoots endorphins into my brain. But I just don't think it can be done, because with "Wreckin' Bar," you've got to allow the thought part of your noggin to take a bit of a battering, and then perhaps take a rest.

For all the criticism that has been piled The Vaccines' way, whose opposite numbers declared them a heroic third in the BBC's Sound of 2011 poll in December, "Wreckin' Bar" is, surely their most memorable pile-driver single, and their best musically.

First of all, for any song to achieve in 82 seconds what most take four minutes to do (or don't do at all) -- namely jump your heart into eager alertness again -- is impressive. The song's spinning Catherine wheel of a chorus speaks only to your heart, and ignores what pointless, silly little thoughts you may be having (who needs thoughts?) to deliver precisely the musical equivalent of a caffeine high. Lastly, "Wreckin' Bar" tears to tiny tinker bells the idea still peddled by men with moustaches, bowler hats, and monocles that good music must be complex, must be clever, or must br original and unheard of.

Now, don't get me wrong, London-based Vaccines did pen this with their own minds and such; however, so born out of meat and two veg, unpretentious, punchy rock is "Wreckin' Bar" that it may as well be a guidebook for anyone looking to create a thumping rock single with two guitars, a drum kit, and a screaming urge to declare to the world, "Pick me and you will be thankful!"

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